SIKB 7800 Certification


As of July 1st 2021 we are certified in accordance with the BRL SIKB 7800. This is the quality standard for tank installations, which replaces the old BRL 903.

Companies covered by the Environmental Management Activities Decree must comply with the duty of care for environmentally hazardous or threatening liquids, vapors and gases. These companies may only have tank installations for the storage of these substances installed under a certificate by a certified tank installer.

The objective of the BRL SIKB 7800 is to obtain a sufficient level of safety for humans and the environment while at the same time incorporating measures to prevent fire and/or explosions. This is achieved by implementing effective measures which are considered as a minimum requirement as detailed in BRL SIKB 7800. These measures comply with the state of the art technical aspects and safety requirements, whereby careful consideration has been given to the costs, efforts and time aspects on one hand and the intended reduction of risk on the other.

7800 cert