Petrol stations

Collaborate and help to think from design to final delivery, van den Hout-Installatie provides all the necessary installation work, construction, maintenance and renewal, as well (tank) remediation regarding to underground- and aboveground tank installations.

We take care of your worries and install the (tank) systems according to the latest technology and applicable laws and regulations. Van den Hout Installatie is the right kiwa certified partner for the design, permit process, the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of all underground and / or aboveground tank installation facilities, for the storage and distribution of (environmentally hazardous) liquids, so including also all common fuels at petrol stations. If required we will complete the construction of your petrolstation as main contractor of the turnkey project, but obviously we will also take care of sub-tasks.

Our Kiwa accreditations confirming BRL K903 (new construction and maintenance attn. tank installations) and BRL K904 (tank removal), and our ISO 9001 and VCC ** certificate and also our membership of the Association of Tank Installers (VTI), will guarantee a high quality and safety level, so you will be assured of a professional partner.

We offer you the guarantee to be a professional partner, which you can count to the specialists, in terms of technological developments, quality and security, in the petrolstation and (petro-)chemical tank installation industry.