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Core Values

The following values are within vd Hout paramount:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • flexibility
  • continuity
  • customizable
  • service-oriented
  • safety

Kiwa certifications


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Our clients

Our clients include many renowned companies from various sectors, including:


petrochemicals, oil carriers, oil traders and private petrol station owners, transport companies and garages (automotive sector), marinas with tank installations for (pleasure) vessels, (managers of) airports with refueling facilities for aircraft fuels, industrial companies like the paint - and ink industry, insulating industry and chemicals industry, animal feed and food industries (Food, Feed and Agricultural sector), production of laundry and cleaning products, production of roof insulation and insulating materials for refrigerators and chemical toilets, government: the Dutch Ministry of Defense (military air bases and barracks), municipalities and provinces, water boards and water companies, as well as hospitals and healthcare facilities, banks, data centers and telecom companies and various other sectors where tanksystems are used for the storage and distribution of liquids such as liquid petroleum products and various chemical


About us

Storing liquids?

Van den Hout installs the solution!

For over 60 years v.d. Hout- Installatie b.v. has been known as a leading provider for oil companies, oil traders, transport companies, the Dutch ministry of defense and other governmental departments, industrial and chemical companies and various (other) private companies in the Benelux.

Professional certifications and expertise in the refueling business in areas such as designing, installing, maintaining, and decommissioned tank installations in the (petro) chemical industry and the supply of the necessary technical equipment, give us the possibility to offer a total package to our customers . We take care of your problems in these areas.

Van den Hout-Installatie is characterized by the immediate organization with short lines. The projects will be handled from tender stage to completion by the same person, so you can be assured of one contactperson for all your questions.

The working area includes the entire Benelux and Germany and our head office from where the activities are controlled, is located in Tilburg.

Van den Hout-Installatie is a member of the metalunion and the Association of Tank Installers (VTI), and participates continues and regularly in various technical committees and working groups, which pursue a continuous updating and improvement of the standards and regulations in the field of designing, installing, maintenance, cleaning and removing/remediation of tank installations for (environmentally hazardous) liquids.

Why work together with van den Hout?

The customer is important to us!

v.d. Hout-Installatie chooses long-term relationships with its clients.

If you choose v.d. Hout-Installatie you choose for quality, safety and environmental and social responsibility working for the future. In addition, You will choose us because we:

  • Are great in technology.
  • Are strong in process thinking.
  • Have know-how of the regulations and practical application of these regulations.
  • Are a flexible organization.
  • Have highly qualified employees, who speak the language of the market.